Wiser Everyday develops effective leaders by instilling everyday practices that guide individuals to be confident in their authentic selves. Present moment awareness, compassion and mental clarity are the capabilities that resonant leaders must have.
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Why we do what we do...

Wiser Everyday is passionate about developing leadership abilities through personal introspection and mindfulness practices. The core of our work is to develop the wisdom and ability to find the space to observe a situation and deliver a response. We seek to inspire people to recognize their inherent clarity and confidence, make decisions in their day to day work, and move fluidly into and up the leadership ladder. We provide programming for individuals and groups who are ready to step up into positions of leadership in our communities, our corporations and our non-profits. Many of the people we work with are women; many of whom are interested in social change. All are interested in understanding how they can become resonant and resilient leaders.


Anna J.

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Elizabeth showed us that we had it in us all along!

Marisa T.

This was such rich and insightful session. I now understand the true power of leading an organization with mindfulness. My focus will now be on what is truly important for me and my organization.