We all move through the minutes of our day, the week, the months, and the years that comprise our life without really knowing where they went.

Often, we stare at our phone, daydream through meetings, peck away on our computer, brush our teeth, pay our bills, gas up the car, do our work, walk the dog, quickly eat our food, interact with the people in our lives… strangers, neighbors, family, friends, perceived competitors or enemies… all without savoring, smelling, tasting, touching, loving, and immersing ourselves in the gift of the present moment. Each one goes by in an unmemorable blur, because we are mentally pondering the future, or dwelling on the past.

It is only in pausing, breathing, and noticing everything about ourselves and our world, just for this moment, that we reintroduce a quality of color, texture, sweetness, and light back into our busy lives. We can do it now. Right now!

But how? 

That’s what Wiser Everyday is about… sharing those lessons learned, blessings given, wisdom bestowed, and experiences had, about living a little lighter, leading with compassion, and learning that only this precious present moment is the  truth and the way to a meaningful and purposeful existence on this beautiful blue planet Earth.

We are located in San Diego, California, but will travel anywhere our personal and organizational programs are desired.


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